About Us

This Is Who We Are

Volt Bau Electric is a company with a long business tradition, vibrant and operating in the electric industry in Poland and Europe. We have been very successful and effective with our recent projects in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Our characteristics are determination and the urge to continuously advance our industry knowledge. Thanks to the on-going improvement of our qualifications on one hand and many years of experience on the other we are able to deliver any project. We enjoy challenges. They are the motivation to further develop our company. Being committed to professionalism we are qualified to meet various electrical needs from simple electrical jobs to teletechnical wiring to complicated commercial and industrial semi-automated and automated systems. Our employees are highly qualified and experienced electricians determined to succeed. Taking into consideration market expectations, our business has evolved over the years and was recently established as a company.

In general, Volt Bau means professionalism and guarantees that each client will be approached individually and every project delivered on time. Our brand means a certain quality where „the difficult is being solved right away while for the impossible to become possible you will need to wait just a little bit”. We will welcome and be happy to partner with clients from Poland and abroad. Thanks to our managers we are able to do any international project.


Serving Customers with a Targeted Offer

Volt Bau Electric offers a wide range of professional electrical services from traditional electrical jobs at construction sites to teletechnical services to commercial and industrial semi-automation and automation. We are specialists in our field making our best to treat each job individually and with passion.

Volt Bau provides its services to business clients, medium and big firms, as well as individual customers in Poland and abroad. We do our job according to clearly defined principles which help us be successful and build a stable future. We also offer flexibility in our cooperation with clients based on which we can develop good partner relations.

Our services include verification of existing systems through periodic measurements such as measurements of resistance, isolation, grounding or illuminance, etc. Detailed reports are prepared after such verification including recommendations for the users of such systems. Volt Bau offers also to do acceptance tests of electrical systems.
If you are interested in working with us we encourage you to browse our website to find out more about the services we offer.

Principles of Operation

Being in the service industry we appreciate that this is one of the most unpredictable businesses. If someone wants to ask why, it’s because in this business the human factor and the relation with a potential client is the unknown. What’s important to me in any of these relations is the responsibility for the delivery of the project objective and the success of our clients, respect and being open to their needs. Our company provides the highest quality services thanks to our highly specialized, competent and experienced team. We cooperate with many companies in the electrical industry in Poland and abroad. In every project we will make sure for our services to be of the highest quality and meet our clients’ expectations.


We believe that the foundation of a stable and, at the same time, modern company is its people. They create a work place. We respect and abide by the labor standards following all ethical principles guaranteeing freedom of opinion, conscience and religion. From the very start we create a sense of stability and safety for people we employ. It is them who are the most important, together we create our own environment.


Effective management allows us to meet expectations of our clients. To able to do that we have incorporated internal working standards leveraging the services we provide to increase the confidence in our brand and to be the first choice wherever there is a need in the market. We want the results of our work to speak for themselves. Thanks to this approach we are able to develop new relationships with partner companies, which essentially focus on the quality of delivered services, and to further advance our business.


What is most important for us in any business relation with a partner company is fair competition. Our decisions have to be targeted to achieve a common goal which is a success of any investment project. Acting like this is justified from a business perspective. We openly and expressly stand against unfair business practices and treatment of sub-contractors and service providers.


When working on any project we understand and remember that most treasures in our world are given by Mother Nature. They are an extremely precious common heritage we share hence it is necessary to cut our environmental footprint as much as possible. We promote an ecological life style among our employees and business partners and run educational campaigns on natural environment. Being in an electrical industry we implement different types of electrical systems enabling us to use the renewable energy sources.

Mission Statement

„Having become a well known brand in Poland as well as abroad thanks to many delivered projects and hence a unique international experience, Volt Bau Electric offers the highest quality service adding value to the clients we work for.”


Volt Bau Electric is guided by the understanding that all aspects of the company’s activities and operations are interrelated, hence the importance of clarity of actions, building of trust and creation of valid relations inside and outside the company. Our company is socially responsible which means we are open and listen to our environment, learning lessons and taking appropriate actions at all functioning levels. It is an integral part of our business strategy. Our currently introduced model of operation shows us that such business philosophy can give us leverage and make us more competitive on the market which we will strive to achieve.

Business Objective

The objective of Volt Bau Electric is most of all to further develop and implement new technologies in the electric industry and to create new markets thereby.