Services We Provide:

• build of new electrical wiring systems

• upgrades of existing electrical systems

• construction and upgrading of manufacturing lines in the automotive industry

• construction and upgrading of automated and semi-automated lines with the basics of robotics in manufacturing plants

• electronics in industrial processes

• projects associated with the construction of wind power station cabling on land and sea

• installation and set-up of fire alarm systems

• implementation of photovoltaic systems

• construction of renewable energy systems of different sources

• connecting of electrical power, air conditioning or ventilating generators

• maintenance of entrance and garage gates control systems

• teletechnical services

• installation of CCTV and security alarm systems

• implementation of access control

• construction and set-up of structured wirings

• welding of fiber-optic cables and their measurements by means of a reflectometer

• providing maintenance services in Poland and Europe

Being a company with a business tradition, we have, among others, completed a project for the Volkswagen Group in the Audi manufacturing plant in Brussels, and the most current project in the Volvo manufacturing plant also in Belgium. We try to constantly keep abreast of technological novelties in this field.

Taking into consideration the demands of the market and customers for automatic control solutions, we not only provide traditional electrical services but also automation systems to meet our customers’ requirements in this regard. We have delivered automatic production lines to different sectors with new projects already lined up for our professional teams, which by itself testifies to our expertise.

1.Photovoltaics – Solar Power:

A little bit of theory: Photovoltaics – the branch of science and technology concerned with converting sunlight into electricity. It is a method of generating electric power by converting energy from the sun into direct current electricity by the photovoltaic effect. By using the solar energy, this power generating system is one of the renewable energy sources, that is sources enabling us to produce renewable energy by means of proper devices.

The use of the above mentioned system is growing exponentially and prices of photovoltaic panels have been declining year by year. A photovoltaic panel converting the sunlight into electricity is made of crystalline silicon wafers. A single solar cell generates the power of 1-6,97 W. The panels are produced in an array of sizes from 0,2 to 1m2 so each time we can match the photovoltaic system with particular customer needs. For higher effectiveness we seal multiple cells together into photovoltaic modules depending on the demands. The PV panels have the advantages of being maintenance free, having a long lifetime and possible to use them in many different types of sites and buildings including those far away from the power grids.

Each system that we make is a unique project employing many different elements. A regular system installed by us would include:

– PV modules or otherwise photovoltaic panels – they absorb the solar energy and convert it into electricity; – the mounting structure – it allows the installation of PV modules on different surfaces, e.g. on rooftops, and the adjustment of the inclination angle in relation to the sun; – an inverter – an apparatus which converts direct current into alternating current adjusted to the electrical grid current; – wiring – allowing the flow of the current from the PV panels to the inverter; – circuit-breakers – responsible for eliminating a risk of module or inverter damage; – connectors – they connect particular panels into larger groups of panels; – power storage – it is a battery storing a surplus of produced power; – a Solar EDGE system – makes it possible to steer the system optimizing it’s efficiency.

The photovoltaic system can be one of the elements of an energy-efficient or passive house or building. This system is compatible with other renewable energy sources such as heat pumps and recuperators.

An investor needs to inform the power provider about the connection of the photovoltaic system to the home power network, which is exempt from any fees. Due to that the investor will be able to considerably lower the utility bills and to balance the surplus of the produced energy re-supplied to the network within a six month term. Taking the solar conditions in Poland as an example, approximately 1000 kWh of energy reach the earth surface annually here which means that a PV installation of 1 kWp is sufficient for home purposes.

2. Wind Power Stations 

Wind Energy – these are power plants which use wind turbines to generate electricity. Energy extracted from the wind is ecological because we do not use any fuel that needs to be burnt to produce it. Wind power stations can be used for home or commercial purposes, may have different capacities and onshore or offshore locations. Our company has so far participated in the wind power projects of the capacity from 100 W to 50kW for home purposes and over 50 kW on-land for commercial purposes. We have also worked on equipping wind farms intended for offshore installation before they were transported to the sea. One of such projects was done in Aalborg, Denmark. We worked on the offshore project for 7 months, and our employees have a 2,5 to 3 years experience in this type of work.

3.Geothermal Energy

We have experience in installation of geothermal heat pumps and units.

We have so far been providing installation services for the following types of elevators: dumbwaiters, freight elevators, passenger elevators, work platforms, vehicle elevators, lifts and escalators. We install traction as well as hydraulic elevators with or without machine rooms.

The most frequently installed are currently electric motor passenger elevators and dumbwaiters, but sometimes also gearless lifts controlled by a variable frequency drive. We have worked on the following elevator makes: Fermator, Cibes, Wittur, BKG, New Lift, Arkel, Sassi, Schneider, Lift.

As far as intelligent homes are concerned we are offering installation services involving simple and clear devices which control the whole house and it’s environment. The solutions we propose are tailored specifically for customers who need them. Any tasks which will be managed by installed systems will be automated to a defined degree.

An intelligent system in principle connects all household systems in a coherent management system of an overriding nature. The systems we have so far installed used to bring together not only an automated control of front gates, canopies, shades, lawn watering or swimming pool automation but also lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, all included in an application available on a mobile phone. This type of tool in your hand gives you comfort and full control over your house no matter where you are.

Our company’s service portfolio includes building of structural wiring systems. We work on such internet installations on an everyday basis in projects involving office buildings or during the construction of automated lines while building control panel wirings.

Volt Bau Electric is a young company that has over the past few years been dynamically developing in the electric industry. To further expand our portfolio of services and cover a fuller range of needs we started designing electrical and teletechnical systems for all types of buildings and facilities. Based on our technical expertise as well as many years of experience in electrical installations of different types and the knowledge of the local and foreign markets we are developing professional projects taking into consideration the most up-to-date standards.

We treat each customer individually providing them with the best solutions suited to their expectations. This policy is part of our plan to continually develop our company hence our priorities are the quality of our work and the satisfaction of current and future customers.

If you are making any construction or redevelopment plans and wondering how to professionally go about it – you’re welcome to contact us and use our professional services.

Our company also provides efficient and effective services of installing air conditioning and ventilation systems in single-family or multifamily housings, public buildings and commercial and industrial facilities. We have so far worked on ventilation installations in food service facilities, hotels, recreational constructions, laboratories, military facilities, offices and industrial buildings. What we installed there were comfort or industrial ventilation, and emergency and fire venting systems.

Part of our work is often building of gravitational systems . Different solution configurations make the processes of air purifying, heating, moisturizing and cooling inside the buildings easier which so far met the expectations of the Investors.

Air conditioning

Comfort and industrial air conditioning systems are part of the services we provide. We offer installations based on devices with indirect water or glycol cooling or direct evaporation cooling such as Split, Multi Split and VRF. While installing the systems at the facilities with higher requirements we installed also drying and moisturizing systems.

The company is expanding its portfolio of services to include the construction of wooden and metal structures. During photovoltaic projects collaboration with carpenters was indispensable on many different rooftops. Due to the demanding workload we have hired many experienced carpenters with a wide array of skills in constructing single-family and multifamily timberframe or prefab houses as well as different roof structures and coverings. We are including this new offering as part of the company’s organic growth strategy.